středa 25. května 2011


Oh well.
I survived the saint week and i survived finals, even though i´ m probably never gonna be the same person again. I mean, for real, I STARTED RUNNING. EVERY DAY. ME! Also, I borrowed Theodor Mundstock, even though i swore I was never gonna read any of those books ever again. And a girly romance for 12-year-olds. Every day I wake up panicking...

I almost died a couple of times last two weeks. And that friday, i really became a zombie.

And hey, it was a lot of fun. All the tiny freshmen screaming "OH MY GOD!!! ZOMBIE LENNON IS AFTER US!!!"
**Evil laugh**

We are all cuties...

Amazingly boring people staring at us. And dear Anne...I´m still so freaked out. I hope you feel better soon.

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