úterý 26. dubna 2011

High flyin´ bird

And freedom screams at you...FLY!!!
These pictures are from way back, when I was much less stressed, less scared, less in a relationship. When I was 18 instead of 19. When you couldn´t walk around in just a summer dress without freezing your ass of. HAHA.
Sad fact - it was only a month ago...

Pictures taken by my beloved Anne. She is so creative. And much better photographer than she thinks.

(homemade dress and belt from floppy discs, FF legins, hair clip from flea market and pseudo-doc martens from New Yorker)

neděle 24. dubna 2011

Pieces of me

I thought I should tell you something about myself. Like show you my diary or...something.

I live according to randoms. I love art, even though art doesn´t always love me back. I scream at concerts. I am addicted to thrifting. I love bright red lipstick. And underwear. I adore kitsches. And no matter how cynical I get, I´m a hopeless romantic deep inside. HAHA.  

I´m a bitch, I´m a lover...you know how it goes.

neděle 17. dubna 2011

Tear down the walls!

...I guess i have a thing for walls. Or The Wall, at least.

(This was in one of the beautiful Prague "ghettos". I somehow adore places like this one...)


Ok, it was actually Roger Waters.
I have been in love with him since I was like 12 years old.  And yesterday i fell in love again.
It was too awesome for words. So I better stop babbling, ha.

                                                                             ...but for real, how could you NOT LOVE HIM?


sobota 16. dubna 2011

If you are a dreamer, come in

Hey you.
With my finals coming up, i realized i would do anything, ANYTHING to avoid studying. Like clean up my room. Or watch all the cycles of America´s Next Top Model. Or learn how to play Miley Cyrus´s (!) songs. Or start studying Portuguese.
Or annoy you with my lifestories. Artstories.
                                                                                             Step inside my concrete jungle...