neděle 28. srpna 2011

Trutnov Stuff

Oh my god, the air is filled with nostalgy. Summer has just started and it´s already almost over...

Trutnov was awesome. And weird. And I can´t wait till the next one...

Lesbian witches for abortion support, ha...
Anne <3
+ bonus pic - red mud and dancing queen in the backround!:D
Made the bracelet and the earings in a workshop next to the alternative stage. Me and Terez spent whole morning there making jewellery with the sweetest people and hare krishnas´ music...haha

There is something about the summer, you guys...

středa 10. srpna 2011

Midnight Train

I am a mirage.

(kmart tank, ultravintage skirt - oh those golden times of megasekáč..., vintage scarf, DIM over-the-knees, rocketdog flats)

čtvrtek 21. července 2011


Unfortunately, that´s not how I feel. 
I feel like the only thing that can make me feel better is to play guitar until my fingers start bleeding.
And when I wake up tommorow, this masochistic-emo-crap WILL be over.

pondělí 4. července 2011

Paper dreams, honey

Amusing fact: Eating Šum svistu (another awesome rum salad from dear plankton) while blistering in the sun and then being left with just three people and unreasonable amount of  alcohol just CAN´T end up well. YAY MORAL HANGOVER.
Speaking of weird meetings, I had the first date with oil colours. I almost finished up the painting for my dear american sister. It was AWESOME. And I still have colours all over my body. From some strange reason.

 (easiest do-it-yourself-s ever)

I have no idea what to do...

čtvrtek 23. června 2011


I miss people I haven´t even met.
I miss last summer.
And I miss Woodstock.

Last Trutnov. 4 days of peace and music. And an illustration i drew some time ago. Listen to this and let the sunshine in.
Peace out!

neděle 12. června 2011


I just came back from the first music festival of the season. It was so weird and so awesome...

These pictures are old, but they make me smile. Me and Anne against the gray and boredom.

It´s summer, go out and have one hell of a time(:

I adore Ann´s prom dress.

sobota 4. června 2011

The Great Escape

I want to run away. Or at least spend all of my days like yesterday. Play stupid games and sit around the bonfire and talk and eat rum salad (thanks, zuz) and then watch Sid and Nancy with my dear plankton sister till we fall asleep (which was unfortunatelly really soon...haha).

I took the old camera and I realised how much I love the sucking quality of its pictures...

(Kmart tank, oldschool Converses, best over-the-knees from FF, Debenhams skirt, birthday bracelet from Zuzanka and homemade bow)

Another day, another chance that it will be...alright.

pondělí 30. května 2011


See no evil. Hear no evil.

To be honest, not having the greatest time of my life these days.
Thanks to Anne, thriftstore, porn in changing rooms and a bright pink bustier i feel a bit better...haha.

Don't worry we'll all float on.
Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on...alright.

středa 25. května 2011


Oh well.
I survived the saint week and i survived finals, even though i´ m probably never gonna be the same person again. I mean, for real, I STARTED RUNNING. EVERY DAY. ME! Also, I borrowed Theodor Mundstock, even though i swore I was never gonna read any of those books ever again. And a girly romance for 12-year-olds. Every day I wake up panicking...

I almost died a couple of times last two weeks. And that friday, i really became a zombie.

And hey, it was a lot of fun. All the tiny freshmen screaming "OH MY GOD!!! ZOMBIE LENNON IS AFTER US!!!"
**Evil laugh**

We are all cuties...

Amazingly boring people staring at us. And dear Anne...I´m still so freaked out. I hope you feel better soon.

úterý 26. dubna 2011

High flyin´ bird

And freedom screams at you...FLY!!!
These pictures are from way back, when I was much less stressed, less scared, less in a relationship. When I was 18 instead of 19. When you couldn´t walk around in just a summer dress without freezing your ass of. HAHA.
Sad fact - it was only a month ago...

Pictures taken by my beloved Anne. She is so creative. And much better photographer than she thinks.

(homemade dress and belt from floppy discs, FF legins, hair clip from flea market and pseudo-doc martens from New Yorker)